Tenuta Sant'Antonio


In recent years, the region of Apulia has been one of the most visited and popular in Italy. And in particular, Salento, an area with large natural spaces, better known for its crystal-clear waters and pristine white sandy beaches.

In Santa Cesarea Terme, the beach takes name from the sulphurous waters that characterize the many surrounding caves. Santa Cesarea Terme is mainly rocky, suitable for those who love rocks, small pools created by the rocks which surround the blue and turquoise sea.

Otranto is one of the most elegant cities of Salento. Its coast is renowned for its beauty and cleanliness. The city centre is crossed by a small river, the Idro, which flows through the city until it empties into the port.

The Alimini Lakes region is characterized by white sandy beaches.  One of its main attractions is the so-called Baia dei Turchi, accessible only by foot. The name derives from the fact that the Turks landed here in 1400, ready to invade Otranto.